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A magical blend of tarot, astrology, crone wisdom, and coaching.

Julie Miller

Hi! I'm Julie.

Ready to explore the mysteries of tarot and astrology? Welcome to Salt & Crow. I specialize in guiding those seeking intuitive insight and potential future possibilities. My personalized readings offer a blend of wisdom, truth, and humor, providing you with the support you need to take powerful, confident action that helps you create your life by design.

As a certified coach, corporate survivor, and practicing witch, I offer a unique perspective to my clients who are looking for more than textbook answers.



Rider Waite Smith

The deck I use...

Arguably the most well-known Tarot deck in the world, Rider Waite Smith (RWS) is my most consistent companion in readings. While I have many other Tarot and Oracle decks, RWS with its traditional and beautiful, significant imagery is the one I use daily for my insight and client readings.

There are layers and layers to Tarot and I am always learning and exploring different ways to interpret what the cards are saying. I invite the recipient of the reading to take in what resonates and leave behind what doesn't. Keeping in mind that the cards may not deliver a message that applies to today, but rather lessons or insights that will unfold over time.

The way to receive the most impact from a reading is to come with an open heart and lead with curiosity.

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    Heading 1

    Tarot Offers

    Image by Esther Verdú

    An exploration of the current energy in up to 3 areas of your life. What do you need to know in order to get your "house" in order?

    Image by Sierra NiCole Narvaeth

    Using 2 decks we will map out the next 12 months. This reading can empower you with themes you will encounter over the year.

    This reading can be for the calendar New Year or your personal New Year - your birthday.

    Wheel of Your Year
    $222 - 90 minutes

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    Salt & Crow is excited to offer themed group classes. Each season we offer a different deep dive into areas of the tarot. These classes are limited to 8 participants. To be notified of our Summer Solstice class, sign up below.

    Seasonal Tarot Classes!
    $25 - 90 minutes

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    Tiny Ritual Season Subscription Boxes

    Helping you create moments of connection.

    I am a practitioner of tiny rituals - moments of intentional grounding and awareness in my daily life. Many clients have asked me for help creating rituals they could use to center themselves amidst their crazy, busy lives.

    I created the Salt & Sage Tiny Rituals subscription boxes to help people create these moments in their own lives. The boxes are designed for the Solstice and Equinox seasons. I hope small, owner-operated shops, and make every effort to include sustainable and ethically sourced natural items.  Each box contains a love letter and suggestions for creating individual rituals.

    The limited edition of 2023/2024 boxes sold out in 10 days. If you would like to be notified for the 2024/2025 drop - email me at and I will add you to the waitlist. You will be notified late September 2024. First box of the year is delivered in time for the Winter Solstice.

    If you would like to read more about how Tiny Rituals came to be, click here.

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