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Spring Eclipse Season

Image by Alfred Kenneally

Your Astrological Chart & Your Tarot Reading

Astrology and Tarot go hand in hand, each adding a special flavor to the other. Knowing your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs can add personal flare to your readings.

Each of my readings includes intuitively created rituals and activities that are meant to enhance the full experience. By knowing some key elements of your Astrological chart, your reading will feel even more personal and the rituals suggested will be aligned to your innate personality.

If you do not know these three placements my favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, offers a free natal chart on her website - click here to learn about where the planets were the day you were born!

Please note this is not required, I simply use Astrology as an additional tool or resource for my work. 

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Rituals for Spring

A fresh breath. Greens of various shades peak through. Birds begin to gather material to create cozy nests for eggs yet laid. It's Spring.

My rituals shift to embrace the light that lingers later into the evening.


Gardening -  I pull weeds, and plant seeds and seedlings, without gloves. There is no better way for me to truly ground and center than when I have my hands in the warm soil.

Spring cleaning - using lemon essential oil, vinegar, and water, I clean the door frames and windowsills and then sprinkle salt at the threshold of each door.

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