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A Lunar Love Letter

While the Moon has my phases during her monthly cycle, none are more powerful (in my opinion) than when she is in her New and Full phases. Powerful rituals can be created - either through quiet reflection or flame-bright offerings. 

I have always felt more closely drawn to the New (or Dark) moon - when she is hidden in the sky, shrouded in mystery, recharging her light. As someone who craves solitude, her darkness is an invitation to go within - to reflect - to listen to my inner-voice - to set a deep intention for the upcoming cycle.

As I have engaged more and more with my spiritual practices I have deepened my work with the Moon in her Full glory as well. Bringing all that is hidden into the light, offering gratitude, and letting go.

I began offering suggestions for ways women could celebrate both phases, offering a blend of Tarot and Astrology, reflection prompts, and tiny rituals they could practice to take their own spiritual connection to a higher level. Marrying the idea of noticing the Moon, and celebrating our relationship to her, these semi-monthly offers gained in popularity. 

More women began reaching out and because these offers were simply in WhatsApp group messages, it did not make sense to continue to share there, but to create a more robust invitation for women seeking connection not to just their own spiritual center, but with other women. 

Spiritual practices are very personal, but impact the collective in ways that are healing to all of us. We do not need to gather in a circle, casting a solitary one can still create connection, but you could choose to invite others in - whether in person or spirit.  

I am a solitary witch - my instinct is to practice in the quiet of my home, or a tucked away space at the park - however I crave casting a golden thread out to sisters who are also hearing the tug of a circle. This craving has revealed itself in an offer I am putting out to the Universe. 

Launching July 5, 2024, with the New Moon in Leo (of course!) I am offering a twice monthly love letters, direct to your inbox on both the New and Full moons. These letters will contain Tarot card and astrological connection information, reflective prompts, and of course, a beautifully and intentionally created Tiny Ritual*. (*A note about Tiny Rituals - most rituals need no "special" tools, instead I prefer to work with what we already have in our homes and just outside our front doors.) Each letter will be unique and will most likely contain links to music to accompany your lunar celebration, podcasts I find interesting and aligned, reading suggestions, meditation recordings, simple recipes, and more - as the spirit suggests. 

This Lunar Love Letters is a subscription based offer, with your first month free. If you choose to stay, your credit card will be charged $9 per month. You can cancel at any time and reignite your subscription if you feel called, simply by sending me an email.

For your FREE month - arriving in your inbox July 5, simply subscribe below.

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