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Caffeinated Tarot - On Brand

I didn't have my first sip of coffee until I was nearly 30, standing next to my then-boyfriend at a cart in a small mall in Seattle's U-District. He ordered something called a mocha and even though I wrinkled my nose, he promised I would like it.

to go coffee cup
Venti wisdom in a small cup!

One sip and I knew - I had found my lifelong partner. The relationship with the guy ended, but the one I have with coffee has endured, although it has been modified over the years.

But what does this have to do with tarot?

Everything. I have found that my intuition is on fire early in the morning. The neighborhood is quiet, usually dark, when I find myself sitting down with my deck and my journal, and my mind hasn't been littered with noise from the outside world. It's just me, a candle, the dogs, and my deck. Oh, and my coffee. In an intentionally chosen mug. It's part of the ritual of the mornings; choosing the mug, whispering my day's intention while I stir the foamy cream into the nectar of the bean - clockwise, of course.

When the idea for a quick, 3-card reading came to me, it was during one of these quiet mornings. But what do you call such an offer?

Caffeinated Tarot - you call it Caffeinated Tarot.

Because that is what it is. Each Sunday I sit quietly at my dining room table, savoring the first few sips of life, honoring the start of a new day, and I ask the cards what we, collectively, need to know.

I deal the cards out - the "what", the "why" and the "how" - slowly coming to life to tell a story that I will interpret and share into the mic of my iPhone. I try not to marry myself to the "format" of the message, but the cards tell no lies - they interact with one another and after a few more sips of coffee, I try to capture what they are trying to say.

The journal prompts are created by the message and by the time I finish that first cup the ritual has revealed itself.

I purposely chose Monday for the email because we usually need that extra dose of wisdom, guidance, and caffeine.

I hope that you make Caffeinated Tarot a tiny ritual for your week, using the journal prompts and suggested ritual as a way of connecting to yourself and the collective.

And, of course, if you have any additional insight or questions about a particular card in a reading - reach out.

To subscribe to Caffeinated Tarot click here and add your name to the growing list of friends. Cheers!

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